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How VacQPack Started

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The organic approach

VacQPack Productions B.V. is an international company, founded in 2012, specializing in organic solutions for the treatment and preservation of high-value commodities in bulk packaging.

When a great deal of care, time, and attention is devoted to creating a high-quality product, you don’t want it to be negatively affected by moisture, oxidation, or insect infestation during transport, handling, and storage.

Preventing insect infestation traditionally involves the use of toxic gas. The increasing demand for a more natural and sustainable treatment method led us to create special machinery, the VacQPack system, and bulk packaging materials.

Back in 2012, we launched our first concept which we have since been optimizing. Always in close consultation with the customer and the market.

And now, with years of knowledge and experience behind us, we take pride in providing technically outstanding products that help protect your valuable commodities in an organic way. Allowing you to carefreely do what you do best.

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