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Food Waste Solution

Food Loss & Waste Prevention

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The challenges we are facing

It is true that the greatest portion of food waste happens at the consumer level. However, part of the food produced in the world for human consumption already gets lost in the supply chain. This may be the case for your commodities during transport, handling, and storage due to them being prone to moisture, oxidation, or insect infestation.

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Once infested, the goods must be cleaned before they can be further processed. Or they are lost entirely. In times of climate change and food shortages, this is a major concern.

What if there was a solution to this? An organic one even!

Away with conventional packaging methods using kraft paper, cardboard boxes, jute bags, and desiccants. Bring in the VacQPack system and packaging materials. To prevent food loss and decrease food waste. And not least to preserve product quality and extend shelf-life. How? With MAP technology!

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Modified Atmospheric Packaging

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What is it?

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) has been applied in the food industry for over 90 years. The technology is used to literally modify the internal atmosphere in packaging by reducing oxygen, and replacing it with carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2). This slows down the oxidation process and eliminates insects in all life stages. The benefits are paramount: MAP is a great way of extending shelf-life and preserving quality!

VacQPack has been known to successfully apply MAP technology to commodities in bulk packaging. What’s more, we have developed our own equipment, including machinery and consumables.

VacQPack's 4 Part System

VacQPack System Benefits

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Food safety

Safe food is one of the most critical guarantors in ensuring human health. Our high-quality packaging material keeps your commodities protected, safe and secure.

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Cost efficiency

Cutting costs without cutting food safety. Our big bags help you save time and money by allowing for easier and faster handling in the various steps of the food supply chain.

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Quality preservation

Quality preservation and shelf-life extension can be a challenge in the process of transporting, handling and storing commodities. The VacQPack solution helps you master just that challenge.

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Organic Treatment

We've said it before: MAP is a great way of extending shelf-life and preserving quality. It requires carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) to reduce oxygen levels inside the packaging. Additionally, it's a matter of finding the right combination of the parameters time, low oxygen and temperature.

The VacQPack solution can serve both as a preventive and curative treatment. The best thing about it: the treatment does not require any chemicals or additives. Which means that it is non-toxic and organic. Your organic goods stay organic!

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How VacQPack Started

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The organic approach

VacQPack Productions B.V. is an international company, founded in 2012, specializing in organic solutions for the treatment and preservation of high-value commodities in bulk packaging.

When a great deal of care, time, and attention is devoted to creating a high-quality product, you don’t want it to be negatively affected by moisture, oxidation, or insect infestation during transport, handling, and storage.

Preventing insect infestation traditionally involves the use of toxic gas. The increasing demand for a more natural and sustainable treatment method led us to create special machinery, the VacQPack system, and bulk packaging materials.

Back in 2012, we launched our first concept which we have since been optimizing. Always in close consultation with the customer and the market.

And now, with years of knowledge and experience behind us, we take pride in providing technically outstanding products that help protect your valuable commodities in an organic way. Allowing you to carefreely do what you do best.