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Raw Coffee

VacQPack and Raw Coffee Beans

VacQPack offers raw coffee preservation that assures the overall quality of green beans against moisture, known insect infestation, and the dangers of cross infestation. Undisclosed testing in Peru, which ran for 9 months, has proven that a flush of CO2 assures the quality of the green bean, while killing insects and their eggs. For a simpler approach, Nitrogen (N2) can be used for controlled atmosphere (CA) purposes and it will perform equally well against plagues; it is capable of replacing the volume of air removed using vacuum.

The VacQPack system also prevents evaporation and condensation inside bags, due to the gas barrier formed by its liner. Testing results have found it superior to the use of traditional jute bags. Raw coffee preservation through use of the VacQPack system preserves sensorial origin attributes and extends shelf life. Raw coffee packaged by the VacQPack solution will optimize the logistics in a 20 footer, resulting in more cargo for the available volume and weight.

VacQPack has experienced several challenges in raw coffee preservation. Case studies in Peru have shown that the VacQPack solution overcomes them.

Green beans, also known as unroasted coffee beans (both Arabica and Robusta) require a relative humidity of around 60% or lower and a relative temperature of around 73ºF for optimal preservation.

Coffea canephora and Coffea arabica
Coffee is associated with protection against cancer, diabetes, heart problems and neurodegenerative diseases; Coffee is also associated with increasing levels of energy and concentration, and is known as a natural anti-depressive.

Air, heat, moisture, and sunlight are coffee’s most common enemies, being responsible for the development of food odors and the decay of the beans.

For better preservation, an air-tight container is commonly recommended, with opaque characteristics, stored at room temperature.