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VacQPack and Organic Cashews

Cashew preservation and storage is closely related to preventing insect infestations and eliminating moisture threats. For the preservation of cashews, regular good storage practice requires very specific environmental conditions, a recommended 67% relative humidity at 86ºF.

VacQPack overcomes such restrictions by creating a controlled and stable inner packaging atmosphere whose behavior isn’t affected by the outside environment.

This is particularly critical in the cashew industry, because the nuts travel great distances from their origin to their destination point, finding on the way totally different temperatures and humidities.

After a proper drying process, the cashew is ready to be packaged with the VacQPack system and prepared to be stored and transported without the need to monitor the exterior environment.

VacQPack is the answer to pest irradiation, and its gas-tight liner barrier ensures the restriction of oxygen and water vapor transmission, combating the phenomena of oxidation, condensation and the absorption of environmental odors.

The VacQPack system overcomes the limitations of conventional jute and polypropylene bags. More and more producers and retailers are adopting the VacQPack system for the preservation of cashew nuts.

Anacardium occidentale
Rich in vitamins B-5, B-6 and riboflavin, potassium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and manganese, cashews have a lower fat percentage and the same fat is considered healthy (monounsaturated acid), because it is a natural antioxidant defense and energy booster.

Cashews have a high level of oleic acid and oil. The oleic acid concentration in cashews allows the extension of their shelf life compared to other nuts.

On the other hand, their oil content (as with all nuts), still makes them perishable by rancidity.

The preservation risk associated with cashews lies in their outer shell, which contains Urushiol (identical to that of poison ivy).