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VacQPack and Organic Hazelnuts

VacQPack controls the packaging atmosphere for perfect preservation and increased shelf life. Hazelnut preservation studies were conducted in recent years to better understand the effects of a lower percentage of oxygen (MARÍA BEGOÑA SAN MARTÍN, M.; 2001).

They showed that this approach solves problems related to high values of peroxide, rancidity, acidification, and percentage of unsaturated fatty acids. Finally, sensory attributes are also protected in a low oxygen atmosphere, and shelf life gets extended for at least one year of storage.

VacQPack has shown this same result in the field. Large quantities of hazelnuts from Turkey, Italy and Spain are stored in bulk for long periods in Germany, all goods being packaged using the VacQPack system.

The VacQPack system acts in a controllable and measurable way, using hermetic flexible bags subjected to vacuum and inert gas flushing. This technique promotes a projected atmosphere designed to create a homeostatic environment perfect for the conservation of hazelnuts over the long haul.

Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) allows a pest control strategy which uses a purely organic fumigation – a healthier approach. A MAP program will also keep the goods in a controlled dehydrated state to prevent the onset of mold.

Provides rich unsaturated fats, filling protein, fiber, and many other important minerals and vitamins.

Insect presence like the scarab beetle (Scarabaeidae), several different types of moths, and acidity (oleic acid)/peroxide are the biggest concerns when preserving hazelnuts.

Another factor, ultraviolet light (UV) will attack especially kernels, causing rancidity to grow faster, which leads to disagreeable taste and odor, and ultimately the reduction of shelf life and market value.

Poor storage practices can also reduce oil yield – the more free fatty acids are produced, the more difficult will be the process of decoloring and blanching the kernels. Hazelnuts stored at room temperature can also turn rancid within a few weeks.