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Sesame Seeds

VacQPack and Organic Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds, also known as beniseeds, face the preservation challenge of rapid post-harvest deterioration. During storage, reduction in seedling vigor index and percentage, speed, and rate of germination might well occur.

Degradation occurs especially in humid tropical conditions with high air temperature and high relative humidity (RH). This is tied to sesame seeds’ high oil content and fast cellular breathing. The VacQPack system provides a hermetic flexible bulk package which allows their preservation in an organically compliant manner. The curative process involves low pressure, proper storage temperature, and controlled atmosphere (CA).

Sesame seed preservation depends strongly on their being subjected to a suitable drying process, without which phenomena like discoloration and tainting may occur, resulting in off-flavors.

Common good long storage practices advise that sesame seeds should be clean, have a moisture content of no more than 6%, they should be stored at a relative humidity (RH) of approximately 50%, and at a temperature of less than 64°F. The gas barrier provided by the VacQPack system will assure the stabilization of moisture content and render the package independent of any other mandatory conditions such as RH or temperature.

Circumstances often dictate that pest control is required on sesame seeds. The hazard is the Indian Meal Moth Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera). VacQPack fights it using anoxia (residual percentages of oxygen) at low pressure (<500 millibar) combined with regulated storage temperature (>75ºF).

Sesamum indicum L
Sesame seeds oil contains lignans like sesamin. These compounds act like phytoestrogens and antioxidants. The seeds are also a good source of calcium, omega fatty acids and iron.

VacQPack packaging is easier to implement regardless of exterior conditions. It can even withstand rain and direct sun exposure in the open air for several months.

Again, on managing the moisture content of sesame seeds, they are physically small and flat, resulting in a cargo of high density. It is therefore fundamental that they be harvested as dry as possible and kept at 6% moisture content or less. VacQPack has a valve prepared with a filter, precisely to deal with high density products, avoiding the aspiration of the cargo while applying vacuum.

Ultimately, VacQPack promises improved results with regard to the natural degeneration of sesame seeds from water content, germination capacity, aging, and viability.